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What Makes Us Better?

When asked by a referral source why or what is it that we do differently than our competitors the answer is this:
  • 1.

    We are locally and privately owned. When there is a special need or problem you can go directly to the source and get an answer without going through layers of corporate bureaucracy.

  • 2.

    Our prices are based on the region. Many national companies often charge one price throughout the nation for standardization, and this is understandable. However, many times we find that patients in Oklahoma are being charged prices that are being charged in New York or California which is often 20-30% higher.

  • 3.

    The owners live in and feel that they are members of the community and they consider themselves a health care resource for the State of Oklahoma.

  • 4.

    We are a full service home medical equipment supply company with two locations:
    Our Tulsa location covers Northeastern,
    Our Oklahoma City location covers Central and Northwestern.

  • 5.

    We have over 150 years of combined personnel experience in Healthcare, Oxygen & Respiratory Therapy, Home Medical Equipment, Rehab, and High Tech Assisted Technology.

  • 6.

    We often bill and accept assignment on most major insurance companies.

Company Philosophy "Good Patient Care, Is Caring for the Patient."

This is not only a mission statement, it's a way of life for the owners. By hiring people that genuinely care for people, service becomes a second nature. Many of the things that we do, is because we care, it's just that simple. When you care for people all of the other things just fall into place.

We put K cylinder backups in homes that give our oxygen concentrator patients a two and one half day supply instead of a five hour supply that is found in E cylinders. I do not consider the statement, "That if power is not restored in five hours and we are not there, you need to go to the hospital emergency room" acceptable patient care.

One of the company's main goal was to be a one stop shop for HME for both its customers and referral sources. Medi-Serv Homecare stocks over 1500 purchase and rental items, as well as has access to over 80,000. Unlike many of the large national firms, we often will special order items for our clientele.

We are continually investing a great deal of time and money to be on the leading edge of new therapy and technology by making available services and products that few if any in the state are now offering.

  • 7.

    Many of our competitors send us Clients with the comment, if Medi-Serv Homecare doesn't do it, it's just not available. We are the ONLY company that does Fracture frames in the home, installs Safety Grab Bars in the bathroom, offers a Belly Cart, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Stasis Wound Treatment, Electric Gomco NG Suction Pumps for home use.

  • 8.

    We sponsored the first Wound Care Seminar in conjunction with Smith/Nephew for Home Health Agencies in Oklahoma. We had over 90 nurses representing Home Health Agencies through-out the state, spending a day learning the latest techniques in the administration of wound care.

  • 9.

    We are one of the few companies in the state that is open on Saturday, by appointment only, so that those people who work during the week can come in and pick up their equipment and supplies for either themselves or a family member.

  • 10.

    In one of our contracted HMO's, one of the Medical Directors became terminally ill, and he specifically requested our company be used out of the several contracted companies he had to choose from in the area.

  • 11.

    Twelve years ago, we got a call from a man in Bartlesville, they were raising eaglets to reintroduce the Bald Eagle to Oklahoma. It seems that the eaglets were being infected with a bacteria infection and needed a special aerosol nebulizer. Could we help? There wasn't a lot of money, in fact the equipment and time was donated, we were glad to help. But there is a satisfaction every time we see the eagles flying over Lake Keystone that we had a hand in their return.

In short we at Medi-Serv Homecare are proud of our accomplishments as well as our ability to offer and give the best service available. Our motto, is our pledge to give our patients as well as those who refer their patients to us, the assurance that they have chosen an ELITE company.

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